Thermoplastic Starch: A Green Material for Various Industries

KK Pengembangan dan Perancangan Produk Teknik Kimia
Fakultas Teknologi Industri ITB
would like to invite you to a general lecture on

?Thermoplastic Starch:
A Green Material for Various Industries?

presented by Prof. Dr. Ir. LPBM (Leon) Janssen
(Chemical Engineering Department, University of Groningen, the Netherlands)

As we begin to run out of landfill space and turn towards a greener way of living, we need to find new biodegradable materials which are recyclable and which can be disposed of efficiently. Thermoplastic starch is a newly developed biodegradable material made from renewable sources, which is optimal in view of sustainability. It has huge potential in various applications including packaging, controlled release and disposable products (e.g. drugs). It satisfies all EU environmental regulations and can also be safely applied to the food sector. This monograph introduces this new green material, which is available in abundance and can be created at a relatively low cost to different specifications. It brings together many important areas including production and applications of biopolymeric material, the fundamental knowledge and practical applications, and includes valuable experimental case studies, which can be directly used in industrial practice.

Leon Janssen and Leszek Moscicki (Eds.) ?Thermoplastic Starch: A Green Material for Various Industries? (Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, 2009)

Friday, 12 February 2010, 09.00 ? 11.00 WIB
Room: X-239, Labtek X, Gedung Teknik Kimia ITB
Jl. Ganesha 10 Bandung

Please registered before Thursday, 11th February 2010, 16.00 hours
Ms. Lina Wahyuni, lina06@che.itb.ac.id,
Prodi. Teknik Kimia, (022) 250 0989 ext 234, Fax: (022) 250 1438
The general lecture is FREE.

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