Seminar Teknik Kimia Soehadi Reksowardojo (STKSR 2013)

Atas nama panitia, kami dengan hormat mengundang kepada rekan-rekan yang memiliki minat dalam penelitian, pengembangan, implementasi dan komersialisasi bioenergi untuk ikut serta dan menghadiri SEMINAR INTERNASIONAL TEKNIK KIMIA 2013 dalam hubungannya dengan Teknik Kimia Soehadi Reksowardojo Seminar 2013 (STKSR 2013) Institut Teknologi Bandung.


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On behalf of organizing committee, we cordially invite you who have interest in research, development, implementation and commercialization of bioenergy to attend the INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR ON CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 2013 in conjunction with Chemical Engineering Seminar of Soehadi Reksowardojo 2013 (STKSR 2013) Institut Teknologi Bandung. In this year we would like to highlight in fields of BIORENEWABLE RESOURCES UTILIZATION, BIOENERGY SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY and APPLICATION. This international seminar is supported by Directorate New Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, The Chemical Engineering Chapter of The Institution of Engineers.

The seminar will be held in Campus of Institut Teknologi Bandung at the beautiful city of Bandung, Indonesia in October 10-11, 2013. A city is at the 700m high plateau of West Java train of mountains range located 150km from the capital city of Jakarta. Bandung bears beautiful scenery and extraordinary clothing and culinary pleasure. The airport of Bandung can be reached directly from Singapore, Kualalumpur Malaysia and other South East Asia cities.

The scientific program will provide an opportunity for participants to exchange new innovations and information on many important issues in bioenergy technology. High-standard plenary and keynote lectures from Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam and other Asian countries will be provided by outstanding scholars invited from academia, industry and government. The Indonesian bioenergy program and roadmap will be presented on behalf of Indonesian Government. The Asian bioenergy community meeting will be held also to exchange their experiences on bioenergy utilization in their country and to build understanding and harmonization between Asian countries. Those Seminar and meeting will be an occasion for the participants to make new acquaintance and strengthen friendship.

Whereas, we invite the industrial sectors which utilize the bioenergy and biorenewable resources utilization technology in order to disseminate their technology to their consumer in Indonesia as well. The commercial session is provided in this event.

Information: STKSR 2013

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