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Dr.rer.nat.Ir. Lienda Aliwarga

Name :  Dr.rer.nat.Ir. Lienda Aliwarga
Associate Professor
Email :
Research Division :  Chemical Engineering Process Design and Development
Field of Interest : 1. Separation Processes
2. Food Processing Technology
Education : 1. Doctor (Universitat Hannover, Germany)
2. Master (Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand)
3. Undergraduate (Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia)



International Journal:

  1. Kresnowati, M.T.A.P., Bindar, Y., Aliwarga, L., Lestari, D., Prasetya, N., Tanujaya, A.R., “Effects of retting media circulation and temperature on the fermentation process in soft-texture and low cyanogenic content cassava flour production”, ASEAN Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2014, 14 (2), pp. 67-75 (Scopus)
  2. Cempaka, L., Aliwarga, L., Purwo, S., Penia Kresnowati, M.T.A., “Dynamics of cocoa bean pulp degradation during cocoa bean fermentation: Effects of yeast starter culture addition”, Journal of Mathematical and Fundamental Sciences, 2014, 46 (1), pp. 14-25 (Scopus)
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