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Prof. Tjandra Setiadi, Ph.D.

Name : Prof. Tjandra Setiadi, Ph.D.
Email :
Research Division : Chemical Engineering Product Design and Development
Field of Interest : 1. Bioprocess Technology
2. Biological Wastewater Treatment
3. Environmental Policy
Education : 1. Doctor (University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, U.K)
2. Master (Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand)
3. Undergraduate (Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia)


International Journal:

  1. Miyoshi, T., Setiadi, T., Effendi, A.J., Maeda, H., Tsukaraha, T., Yi, H., Jun, H., Saito, M., Matsuyama, H. “Low-cost water treatment system using submerged membrane filtration in developing countries“, Desalination and Water Treatment, Volume 57, Issue 39, 20 August 2016, Pages 18101-18108.
  2. Hasanudin, U., Sugiharto, R., Haryanto, A., Setiadi, T., Fujie, K., “Palm oil mill effluent treatment and utilization to ensure the sustainability of palm oil industries“, Water Science and Technology, Volume 72, Issue 7, 2015, Pages 1089-1095.
  3. Setiadi, T., Trianto, A., Aznury, M., Pancoro, A., “Production of polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) by ralstonia eutropha JMP 134 with volatile fatty acids from palm oil mill effluent as precursors“, Water Science and Technology, Volume 72, Issue 11, December 2015, Pages 1889-1895.
  4. Thye, Y.P., Effendi, A.J., Soewondo, P.,Brdjanovic, D., Setiadi, T., “Understanding how people innovate for emergency sanitation: A case study of a local NGO“, Water Practice and Technology, Volume 10, Issue 4, December 2015, Pages 704-710.
  5. Pean, T.Y., Effendi, A.J., Soewondo, P.,Brdjanovic, D., Setiadi, T., “A case study of excreta disposal following the 2006 java earthquake“, Journal of Engineering and Technological Sciences, Volume 47, Issue 2, 20 June 2015, Pages 201-206.
  6. Mardawati, E., Wira, D.W., Kresnowati, M.T.A.P., Purwadi, R., Setiadi, T., “Microbial production of xylitol from oil palm empty fruit bunches hydrolysate: The effect of glucose concentration“, Nihon Enerugi Gakkaishi/Journal of the Japan Institute of Energy, Volume 94, Issue 8, 2015, Pages 769-774.
  7. Brdjanovic, D., Zakaria, F., Mawioo, P.M., Garcia, H.A., Hooijmans, C.M., ?urko, J., Thye, Y.P., Setiadi, T., Practical paper esos® – emergency sanitation operation system“, Journal of Water Sanitation and Hygiene for Development, Volume 5, Issue 1, 2015, Pages 158-164.
  8. Mardawati, E., Werner, A., Bley, T.,Kresnowati, M., Setiadi, T., “The enzymatic hydrolysis of oil palm empty fruit bunches to xylose“, Nihon Enerugi Gakkaishi/Journal of the Japan Institute of Energy, Volume 93, Issue 10, 2014, Pages 973-978.
  9. Risdianto, H., Sofianti, E., Suhardi, S.H., Setiadi, T., “Optimisation of laccase production using white rot fungi and agriculture wastes in solid state fermentation“, ITB Journal of Engineering Science, Volume 44 B, Issue 2, 2012, Pages 93-105.
  10. Hossain, M.A., Ngo, H.H., Guo, W.S., Setiadi, T., “Adsorption and desorption of copper(II) ions onto garden grass“, Bioresource Technology, Volume 121, October 2012, Pages 386-395.
  11. Setyawaty, R., Setiadi, T., Katayama-Hirayama, K., Kaneko, H., Hirayama, K., “Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) production from tapioca industrial wastewater treatment: Influence of operating conditions on PHA content“, Sustainable Environment Research, Volume 22, Issue 2, 2012, Pages 123-127.



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