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Prof.Ir. Hermawan K. Dipojono, MSEE., Ph.D.

Name : Prof.Ir. Hermawan K. Dipojono, MSEE., Ph.D.
Email :
Research Division : Engineering Physics
Field of Interest : 1. Computational Materials Design & Quantum Engineering
Education : 1. Doctor (The Ohio State University, USA)
: 2. Master (University of Hawaii, Honolulu, USA)
: 3. Undergraduate (Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia)


International Journal:

  1. Prima, E.C., Hidayat, N.N., Yuliarto, B., Suyatman, Dipojono, H.K., “A combined spectroscopic and TDDFT study of natural dyes extracted from fruit peels of Citrus reticulata and Musa acuminata for dye-sensitized solar cells“, Spectrochimica Acta – Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 171, pp. 112-125 (Scopus)2017
  2. Prima, E.C., Al Qibtiya, M., Yuliarto, B., Suyatman, Dipojono, H.K., “Influence of anthocyanin co-pigment on electron transport and performance in black rice dye-sensitized solar cell“, Ionics 22 (9), pp. 1687-1697 (Scopus)2016
  3. Afifah, H., Tanuwijaya, V.V., Nugraha, Dipojono, H.K., “Lithium mobility in lithium-montmorillonite/poly(ethylene oxide) electrolytes: A molecular dynamics simulation study“, Advanced Materials Research 893, pp. 834-837 (Scopus)2014
  4. Refino, A.D., Agusta, M.K., Dipojono, H.K., Nugraha, “First principle study of hydrazine and OH- Co-adsorption on Ni(111) in high coverage system“, Advanced Materials Research 893, pp. 35-38 (Scopus)2014
  5. Ginting, L.Y., Agusta, M.K., Nugraha, Lubis, A.H., Dipojono, H.K., “Cr, Fe – doped anatase TiO2 photocatalyst: DFT+U investigation on band gap“, Advanced Materials Research 893, pp. 31-34 (Scopus)2014
  6. Lintangpradipto, M.N., Wungu, T.D.K., Lubis, A.H., Dipojono, H.K., Nugraha, “Density functional theory study: Interactions of lithium-montmorillonite with poly (ethylene oxide) as preliminary investigation of lithium polymer conductivity“, Advanced Materials Research 893, pp. 790-793 (Scopus)2014
  7. Prabowo, W.A.E., Agusta, M.K., Nugraha, (…), Lubis, A.H., Dipojono, H.K., “The investigation of the adsorption of thiophene on nimos surface: A density functional theory study“, Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering 275 LNEE, pp. 25-39 (Scopus)2014
  8. Wungu, T.D.K., Agusta, M.K., Saputro, A.G., Dipojono, H.K., Kasai, H., “First principles calculation on the adsorption of water on lithium-montmorillonite (Li-MMT)“, Journal of Physics Condensed Matter 24 (47), 475506 (Scopus)2012
  9. Wungu, T.D.K., Rusydi, F., Kresno Dipojono, H., Kasai, H., “A density functional theory study on the origin of lithium- montmorillonite’s conductivity at low water content: A first investigation“, Solid State Communications 152 (19), pp. 1862-1866 (Scopus)2012
  10. Aspera, S.M.E., Adachi, S., Kasai, H., Kuncoro, H.S., Dipojono, H.K., “A DFT-based analysis on H 2O molecule adsorption and dissociation on the rutile TiO 2 (110) and (100) surfaces“, Journal of the Vacuum Society of Japan 55 (7), pp. 341-348 (Scopus)2012
  11. Saputro, A.G., Rusydi, F., Kasai, H., Dipojono, H.K., “Oxygen reduction reaction on cobalt-(6)pyrrole cluster: Density functional theory study“, Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 81 (3), 034703
  12. Dipojono, H.K., Safitri, I., Nugraha, (…), David, M.Y., Kasai, H., “Immobilization of amino acids leucine and glycine on polypyrrole for biosensor applications: A density functional theory study“, ITB Journal of Science 43 A (2), pp. 113-122 (Scopus)2011
  13. Wungu, T.D.K., Dino, W.A., Dipojono, H.K., Kasai, H., “Effect of lithium absorption at tetrahedral site and isomorphic substitution on montmorillonite properties: A density functional theory study“, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 50 (5 PART 1), 055701 (Scopus)2011
  14. Kuncoro, H.S., Sakaue, M., Nakanishi, H., Kasai, H., Dipojono, H.K. ,”First-principles investigation on ionization strength, volume expansion, and water rotational rigidity of small water cluster systems formed around sodium(I), calcium(II), and iron(II) ions“, Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 80 (2), 024601

International Proceedings:

  1. Khoirunisa, V., Tanuwijaya, V.V., Rusydi, F., Nugraha, Dipojono, H.K. ,”Progress on ligands effects in porphyrin-based molecules in benzene solvent for photodynamic therapy applications“, Proc. of 2013 3rd Int. Conf. on Instrumentation, Communications, Information Technol., and Biomedical Engineering: Science and Technol. for Improvement of Health, Safety, and Environ., ICICI-BME 2013 6698493, pp. 204-208 (Scopus) 2013
  2. Budi, E.M., Rochim, A.A., Dipojono, H.K., Handojo, A., Sarwono, J. ,”Musical gesture recognition for interactive angklung robot“, Proceedings of 2013 3rd International Conference on Instrumentation, Control and Automation, ICA 2013 6734062, pp. 149-154 (Scopus)2013


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