Prof.Dr.Ir. Isa Setiasyah Toha, M.Sc.

Name : Prof.Dr.Ir. Isa Setiasyah Toha, M.Sc.
Email : isast@mail.ti.itb.ac.id
Research Division : Manufacturing System
Field of Interest : 1. Operation Research and Production System
: 2. Information Based Manufacturing System for SME
: 3. Project Based Production Planning and Control
4. Assembly Planning and Sequencing for Product Family
Education : 1. Doctor (Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia)
: 2. Master (Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia)
: 3. Undergraduate (Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia)


  1. Penghargaan 35 Tahun, 2016
  2. Satyalancana Karya Satya XXX Tahun, 2014
  3. Penghargaan 25 Tahun ITB, 2005
  4. Satyalancana Karya Satya XX Tahun, 2003


International Journal

  1. Rosyidi, C.N., Irianto, D., Cakravastia, A., Toha, I.S., Hamada, K.,”Optimization models for deriving optimum target of key characteristics“, Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Systems 13 (2), pp. 89-101, 2014 (Scopus)
  2. Susmartini, S., Roeshadi, D., Toha, I.S., Tulaar, A.B.M., “Utilization of Myo-Electric Signal on muscle contraction process as trigger for actuator motor movement“, Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science 2196, pp. 1374-1377, (Scopus) 2012
  3. Alfadhlani, Ari Samadhi, T.M.A., Ma’Ruf, A., Toha, I.S., “Automatic collision detection for assembly sequence planning using a three-dimensional solid model“, Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Systems
    10 (2), pp. 277-291 (Scopus) 2011
  4. Rosyidi, C.N., Irianto, D., Toha, I.S., “Prioritizing key characteristics“, Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Systems 8 (1), pp. 57-70, (Scopus) 2009
  5. Cakravastia, A., Toha, I.S., Nakamura, N., “A two-stage model for the design of supply chain networks“, International Journal of Production Economics 80 (3), pp. 231-248, (Scopus) 2002

International Proceedings :

  1. Damayanti, D.D., Toha, I.S., “Reconfigurable mixed model assembly line design in a dynamic production environment“, IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
    6837803, pp. 568-572, (Scopus) 2012
  2. Damayanti, D.D., Toha, I.S., “Model of spine configuration assembly line design for a product family“, IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management 6118019, pp. 763-767, (Scopus) 2011


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