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Ir. Tota Simatupang, M.Eng., Ph.D.

Tota S-





Name : Ir. Tota Simatupang, M.Eng., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Email :
Research Division : Industrial System and Techno-Economics
Field of Interest : 1. Technology Acquisition
: 2. Project Management
Education : 1. Doctor (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia)
: 2. Master (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia)
: 3. Undergraduate (Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia)


International Journal

  1. Govindaraju, R., Bramagara, A., Gondodiwiryo, L., Simatupang, T. , “Requirement volatility, standardization and knowledge integration in software projects: An empirical analysis on outsourced IS development projects“, Journal of ICT Research and Applications 9 (1), pp. 68-87, 2015 (Scopus)
  2. Govindaraju, R., Akbar, M.I., Gondodiwiryo, L., Simatupang, T., “The application of a decision-making approach based on fuzzy ANP and TOPSIS for selecting a strategic supplier“, Journal of Engineering and Technological Sciences 47 (4), pp. 406-425, 2015 (Scopus)

International Proceedings:

  1. Govindaraju, R., Sumarna, D.L., Simatupang, T., “The development of a model on ERP success: A highlight on internal service quality“, Proceedings of 2014 2nd International Conference on Technology, Informatics, Management, Engineering and Environment, TIME-E 2014 7011591, pp. 52-56
  2. Nursanti, E., Ma’ruf, A., Simatupang, T., Iskandar, B.P., “Cost and availability functions using imperfect maintenance policy for a serial system“, ISBEIA 2012 – IEEE Symposium on Business, Engineering and Industrial Applications 6422911, pp. 386-391
  3. Doukas, L., Simatupang, T., “Systems engineering approach in make-or-buy technology“, PICMET
    pp. 224, 2002


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