Personal Information

NIP : 19550326 198601 1 001
Nama : Prof.Ir. Bermawi Priyatna Iskandar, M.Sc., Ph.D.
e-mail : bermawi[at]
Jabatan : Guru Besar
Kelompok Keilmuan : Sistem Manufaktur
Field of Interest : Rekayasa Keandalan (Reliability Engineering)


  1. Undergraduate: Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia
  2. Magister: -
  3. Doctoral: The University of Queensland, Australia


  1. “Two New Servicing Strategies for Products Sold With Warranty” Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research (APJOR)
  2. “Hybrid Minimal Repair and Age Replacement Policy for Two Dimensional Warranted Products”, Special Issue of Maintenance Modeling and Management of International Journal of Collaborative Enterprise
  3. “A Maintenance Service Contract for A Warranted Product”, The IEEE Proceeding 2011 International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management