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Winners of the Indonesia Chemical Engineering Challenge (ICheC) 2016


Bandung, March 19, 2016. A series of ICheC 2016 activities, organized by the Student Association of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Industrial Technology (FIT) – ITB have ended, marked by a Grand Seminar with the theme “Development of Coal-based Chemical Industry towards National Industrial Independence”.

The Grand Seminar was begun with a report from the chair of the organizing committee, Camelia Evi Salamah, followed by a speech by the Dean of FIT – ITB, Prof. Deddy Kurniadi, M.Eng.

Present at the event, the students participating in the competition from various universities, both domestic and abroad, academicians, practitioners and invited guests and the public.

Presentations were done by stakeholders from government regulators, as well as domestic companies and private sectors.

During the event, winners from various competitions were announced, such as:  Plant Design Competition, Problem Solving Competition, Debate Competition, and Poster Competition.

The following is the list of the winners of the ICheC Champion 2016.

1. Plant Design Competition
1st place : UGM – Gadjah Mada University
Title : Lignite-based MEG: Ensuring Sustainability of ASEAN Textile Industry
Members : Muhamad Hartono, Ghazy Ammar Nafis and Adimas Prasetyaaji
2nd place : ITB – Institute of Technology Bandung
Title : Sub-Bituminous Coal to Olefins Process with Hybrid Gasification Technology and Carbon Capture Storage
Members : Stephen Joshua, Adinda Asri Pixelina and Indra Zaki
3rd place : UNPAR – Parahyangan Catholic University
Title : High Efficiency Production of Vinyl Chloride using Thermal Plasma Reactor
Members : Elaine Oliviana, Christine Kurniawan and Sarah Amadea Rahardja


2.  Problem Solving Competition
1st place : ITB – Institute of Technology Bandung
Members :  Stephen Ariel Kristiandi and Wahyuni
2nd place : UGMGadjah Mada University
Members : Arfian Fauzi and Irfan Asyam
3rd place : Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Members : Theerapol Trisakulwatthana and Nopporn Boonsit


3.  Debate Competition
1st place : UI – University of Indonesia
Members : Imam Taufiq Ramadhan, Ayu Gayatri Sistiafi and Stephanie S.
2nd place : ITB – Institute of Technology Bandung
Members : Dina, Taufik Nugroho and Stevent
3rd place : University of Santo Tomas, the Philippines
Members : Vince Luiz A. Cruz, Paul Ryan Henry C. Manzon and Queen Desiree P. Dalisay


4.  Poster Competition
1st place : ITB (Industrial Engineering) – Institute of Technology Bandung
Title : Indonesia Methanol Industry
Name : Wa Ode Rizkilla
2nd place : ITB (Chemical Engineering) – Institute of Technology Bandung
Title : Coal to Oxirane
Name : Hans Kristian Irawan
3rd place : ITB (Industrial Engineering) – Institute of Technology Bandung
Title : Coal to Chemical
Name : Elisabeth Novi Christianti

Congratulations to the winners for their accomplishment.