Research Groups

 1 Chemical Engineering Process Design and Development

Fields of Interest: Chemical Engineering Design and Development Processes group has active research and development in field of catalyst and chemical engineering technology, separation and purification processes, and simulation of Chemical Engineering processes.

Chairman : Prof. Ir. I Gede Wenten, Ph.D. 
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 2 Chemical Engineering Product Design and Development
Fields of Interest: Design and Development Chemical Engineering Product Research Group is concern in the study and doing research led to design and to develop innovative products based on local resources. Our research group deals with the application of scientific and engineering principles to the processing of materials, by catalyst as well as biological catalysts, to provide goods and services. The goods include the products of industries concerned with fermented food, feed, beverages, pharmaceuticals, microbial enzymes, bioethanol, organic acids, biodegradable polymer and other chemicals ; the services is largely concerned with water purification, industrial and domestic waste management.

Chairman : Prof. Tjandra Setiadi, Ph.D.
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 3 Energy and Chemical Engineering Processing System
Fields of Interest: Energy and Chemical Engineering Processing System group has an active research and development chemical engineering process energy such as develop bio-fuel as an alternative fuel vehicle, biomass gasification, equipment and processes of combustion, corrosion engineering and electrochemistry conversion processes.

Chairman : Prof. Yazid Bindar, Ph.D.
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 4 Engineering Physics
Fields of Interest: Engineering Science, with main focuses on: Nanoscience & Nanotechnology, Computational & Process Material, Acoustics (Design, Measurement, Modelling & Computation), Noise and Vibration Control Engineering, Lighting (Design, Measurement, Modeling & Computation), Thermal Science and Engineering, Industrial Automation, Energy Conservation.

Chairman : Prof.Ir. Hermawan K. Dipojono, MSEE., Ph.D. 
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 5 Instrumentation and Control
Fields of Interest: Science and Engineering on Instrumentation and Control, Intelligent System and Control, Industrial Instrumentation and Control, Ultrasonic Instrumentation and Non Destructive Evaluation, Optical Instrumentation, Medical Physics and Instrumentation, and Instrumentation on Imaging Technology.

Chairman :  Prof. Dr.-Ing.Ir. Yul Yunazwin, M.Sc. DIC
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 6 Manufacturing Systems
Fields of interest: The development and implementation of the Industrial Engineering approach for improving quality, productivity and efficiency of integrated systems consisting of man, machine, material, energy, and information. This includes manufacturing system design, production planning and control, quality and reliability systems, advanced manufacturing systems, production system network and manufacturing strategy.

Chairman : Prof.Dr.Ir. Dradjad Irianto, M.Eng. 
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 7 Industrial Management
Fields of Interest: design, manage, operate and improve management system as part of integral system of business entity and business group to achieve best performance of products or services utilizing diverse resources efficiently and effectively.

Chairman : Prof.Dr.Ir. Iman Sudirman, DEA 
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 8 Industrial System and Techno-Economics
Fields of Interest: large scale modeling, industrial planning and optimization, value chain system, socio-technical-economy system, industrial information technology.

Chairman : Prof.Dr. Senator Nur Bahagia 
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 9 Ergonomics, Engineering Work and Safety
Fields of Interest: work system engineering, methods engineering, physical ergonomics, psychophysical ergonomics, cognitive engineering, safety system and human error, organizational and social cultural ergonomics.

Chairman : Dr.Ir. Iftikar Zahedi Sutalaksana 
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