Lectures by Prof. Ramaraj Boopathy, Nicholl State Univerist, USA

A series of lectures has been delivered by Prof. Ramaraj Boopathy, Nicholls State University, USA from Nov 6 until Dec 4, 2020.  The topic is related to the environmental biotechnology and bioprocess engineering. All his lecture may be accessed through channel of You Tube PSLH ITB.

Dr. Raj Boopathy is an Alcee Fortier Distinguished Service Professor of biological sciences at the Nicholls State University, USA.  He received the Jerry Ledet Foundation Endowed Professorship in Environmental Biology in 2002 and John Brady Endowed Professorship in 2012. He has an h-index of 31 with citation more than 2900 (Scopus). He is on Stanford’s list (Top 2 % scientists, 2020) and ranked no 139 in the Biotechnology field. He is also appointed as a visiting professor in the Faculty of Industrial Technology, ITB.


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