Ir. Ahmad Nuruddin, M.Sc.,Ph.D.

Name : Ir. Ahmad Nuruddin, M.Sc., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Email :
Research Group : Advanced Functional Material
Field of Interest : 1. Thin Film Physics and Semiconductor Processing
: 2. Material Oksida
Education : 1. Doctor (University of Illinois, USA)
: 2. Master (University of Illinois, USA)
: 3. Undergraduate (Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia)
Curriculum Vitae


International Journal:

  1. Yuliarto, B., Nulhakim, L., Ramadhani, M.F., (…), Suyatman, Nuruddin, A., “Improved performances of ethanol sensor fabricated on Al-doped ZnO nanosheet thin films“, IEEE Sensors Journal 15 (7), 7056531, pp. 4114-4120 (Scopus)2015
  2. Maryani, E., Subagjo, Nuruddin, A., Septawendar, R., Purwasasmita, B.S., “Effects of aging and temperature parameters, polyethylene Glycol (PEG)/Al ratios on the structure directing mechanism of ?-alumina nanofiber-based Indonesian natural kaolin by ultrasonic aging process“, Journal of the Australian Ceramic Society 51 (2), pp. 116-122 (Scopus)2015
  3. Yuliarto, B., Iqbal, M., Nuruddin, A., “Synthesis of various nanostructures ZnO and its applications for gas sensors“, Advanced Materials Research 629, pp. 302-308 (Scopus)2013

International Proceedings:

  1. Nulhakim, L., Nugraha, Nuruddin, A., Suyatman, Yuliarto, B., “Al-doped ZnO thin films for ethanol sensorsAIP Conference Proceeding1415, pp. 227-230 (Scopus)2011

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