Faculty of Industrial Technology Vision and Mission

Vision :

Becoming a leading faculty, dignified, independent, recognized by the world in the field of industrial technology and to lead changes that can improve the welfare of the Indonesia as a nation and the world.

Mission :

To create, share, and apply science and technology in the field of industrial technology and to produce competitive human resources to make a better Indonesia and the world.


In order to realize the vision and carry out the FIT-ITB mission that has been formulated, the strategic objectives that must be achieved are: “The increasing role of FIT-ITB in guiding changes that can improve the welfare of the people of Indonesia and the world”.


The strategic targets of FIT-ITB in the period of 2016-2020 as a explanation of the strategic objectives mentioned are as follows:

  • Graduates are internationally recognized, have high acceptance both in the world of work and further education and have a noble personality.
  • International publications and research works that have an impact on society.
  • Technology innovations that provide support in improving the nation’s competitiveness and public welfare.
  • Effective and efficient organization and management.
  • Sufficient quantity and quality of human resources.
  • Facilities and infrastructure with sufficient quantity and meet the standards.
  • Sufficient and sustainable funding capacity and effective and efficient management.